Brianne’s racing career started in the summer of 2004 after a trip to Italy inspired her to explore her potential as a rider and driver. She entered a local autocross the next month and has been racking up victories ever since. Not to be content with just one outlet, she has pursued multiple venues testing herself against the toughest competition she could find. Brianne has trophied in several SCCA National events and even a National Championship in 2008, competed in the 40th anniversary of the Baja 1000, joined the Texas Mile 200 mph club (on a motorcycle) and set a world record at Bonneville on the four-year anniversary of her first race. In 2011, she set her sights on three major goals: the All Wheel Drive Time Attack Championship at Pikes Peak, the Rally America Open Light Class Championship and the SCCA B Mod National Championship. She won all three!


2012 was another interesting year for Brianne. She placed fourth in the B Modified Class in the SCCA Solo National Championships, after running only two SCCA Solo events in 2012. Another life goal was accomplished when Brianne entered WRC Mexico in her Open Light Subaru. She was leading her class until the car hit a washout in a corner and went tumbling down the road. The 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb kept things interesting as well.  After what has become a world famous crash resulting in a 90 minute delay, the weather took a turn for the worse, forcing Brianne to run in the rain and sleet. Her performance in those treacherous conditions earned her the Queen of the Mountain award.


Being passionate about bringing rally to Texas she concentrated her energy and went to work building up a grassroots rallycross program in Texas. She designed and built her own rallycross track in San Marcos, Texas, where a number of the TRS events were held in 2012. Brianne won the TRS Rally All Wheel Drive Class Championship. She is also the first woman to win an SCCA Rallycross National Championship as well as the first person ever to hold both an SCCA Solo National Championship and an SCCA Rallycross National Championship.


In May of 2012 she was named the 2011 SCCA Driver of the Year.


2013 started off with a bang when Brianne was featured in the SCCA’s Hero’s of SCCA Calender. Shortly there after, she became the first person in SCCA history to win her class in two events running in the same weekend. She not only won her class but also set the fastest lap of the day in both events on both days by driving back and forth between the two events. Brianne also made her debut as a professional racer with a top ten finish in the Pirelli World Challenge at the freshly minted Circuit of the Americas. Her hard work and  and commitment to the sport of Rally and Rallycross was rewarded again when she was featured in an article about Rallycross in Road & Track.


Currently Brianne Corn is working to grow Rally and Rallycross in the state of Texas. She and her brother Kevin Corn have joined together to form Lone Star RallyCross and have SCCA style events planed for the remainder of 2014. In addition, they plan on hosting GRC / ERC style wheel to wheel Rallycross events in 2015.


Be sure to follow Brianne at Pikes Peak this year where she will be competing in the Time Attack Class.


For day to day info on Brianne Corn follow her at Brianne Corn Racing on Facebook.