The Beginning, This is where everything changed. Moments before I took this I made a vow to become a race car driver. Actually I vowed to become a rally driver.

August 22 2004 Spokes Autocross Tech Ridge, This was my mom's birthday and she rode with Kevin and I on every run as her present. I don't think we have ever laughed so much. Kevin won. In fact he beat me the first three races we went to.

2005 Shifter Kart @ Hill Country Kart Club, This was my first time to drive a shifter Kart. It was also the day I quit smoking. I had smokes for over 15 years and five minutes after I climbed out of this kart I pulled the pack of cigarettes out of my pocket and threw them in the trash. I knew that if I was going to be a racer they had to go.

SCCA National Championships 2006, I did a little better my second Year. Second place and a story that will follow me forever. Just ask about the restroom break.

2006 Rallye De Paris, Yea!!! Finally in a Rally car! I'm in the wrong seat. But I'm getting closer.</p> <p>1st place.

2007 Houston SCCA National Tour, I broke my leg training for the Baja 1000. But I refused to sit quietly at home. So I designed and built my own hand controls for my Mini. With twenty dollars worth of parts from the hardware store and some help from Bob Holmes we assembled my invention the day before the race and I learned how to use it on the drive from Austin to Houston. I almost trophied. I nicked a cone with the back tire on my best run pushing me into 4th place.

screwed, This is what it took to reassemble my knee after my my boo boo on wes's KLR.

Home Made Hand &Ccedil;ontrols, The crudest part of the design. I was forced to do it this way because of the fly by wire throttle on th mini.

Home Made Hand Controls, This worked very well. I wanted to be able to left foot brake so my only choice was to use the throttle by hand. It was great. You just had to remember to have it in neutral before coming to a complete stop. I had several people suggest I patent my invention.

2007 BAJA 1000, Signing autographs at contingency in Ensenada.

2007 BAJA 1000, Thanks Chris!

My first Rally ( as the driver), I ran Dave's Integra Type R at the Rallye de Paris in 2007 just a couple of weeks after getting home from the Baja 1000.

Flying past the spectator area at the 2007 Rallye de Paris., First time driver and codriver. Ross Roetman nad I managed to take home 2nd place.

American Eagle II, This is Don Vesco's record motorcycle reborn as a lakester. It was modified for Kevin Draper. He was going to try to get his red hat when I meet him in 2007. Kevin has cancer and was not able to make his runs due to the extreme heat. I was asked to drive the car for 2008 but a mechanical malfunction sent the car home without a record.

American Eagle II at the line, Yep. it's a little tight in there. And hot. But well worth it.

1948 Triumph record run, I borrowed everything but the helmet and the gloves. This was a very cool moment. That bike I'm on was ridden by Burt Monroe back in the sixties. Back then It was Ike Iskiderian's personal  motorcycle and the one he would loan to Burt when he came over to race at Speed Week. in this photo I am about to set a world record on my mom's birthday. Which was also the 4 year aniversery of my first autocross at Tech Ridge.

my first world record, Good Times

= happy Brianne!, I am pretty sure that was the most fun I have ever had with a car. It didn't hurt that it was my childhood dream car and that Bo said to drive the wheels off. He may choose his words more carefully next time. I can not thank him enough for that day.

200.002 Finally!, A lot harder than it looks.

2009 Pikes Peak

2009 Pikes Peak

Statesman Photo Shoot, Wheelie at Harris Hill for the Austin American Statesman Article.

CMRA at Texas World Speedway, My second race with CMRA.I was riding Graves preped 2004 R1.

Drifting at the Travis County Expo Center, Mom gets another ride along. She is awesome! Giggling all the way.

Drifting at the Travis County Expo Center, Draging the bumper along the fence. To much fun. By the way this is a rear wheel drive Subaru Impreza. We did the conversion our selves in my shop.

Dwarf Car, Thanks Dwain !!!, Wheel to wheel racing!!! Even in circles is totally awesome!








Winning the 2011 SCCA Solo National Championship!

Cover of  SportsCar!

2011 LSPR, photo by Jason Swoboda

2011 LSPR, photo by Jason Swoboda

2011 LSPR

Competing in WRC in Mexico

Rally Monster at Texas Rallysport 2012Pike's Peak 2012

Pike's Peak 2012

2012 SCCA Rallycross National Championship Jacket

Rally Monster takes a jump at Harris Hill Road's Rallysprint course

A new rallycross build: the engine from a 2010 WRX put into an old Impreza Brighton.brianne_cota_a